Getting Setup On Our Partnership

Ready to rock! This is a video overview to get you up to speed on the tools and the team workflow so that we can maximize how we work together.

Yes, there is a few tools and systems – and these may change – but this is worth it in the long term – and we are all about long term:

Tools mentioned

Shadstone Portal, as a partner:

Task link:

Shadstone slack,

Shadstone handbook (our wiki), normally partners do not need this.

Google Drive, (ask our client services for the specific link)
Copy link URL – to share in portal / slack / etc – example :

Google cloud (on case by case) or

Lastpass for passwords

Main Recommended Workflow (create tasks, chat in Slack)

Our normal workflow is as follows, slack and portal.

1) Portal – to create and reply to tasks. It is much better to use portal instead of slack for assigning and coordinating tasks.

Go into the project, create a task, add details (links to google docs, websites, etc)
Task options:
Title – required. Clear and succinct
Description – links, references, links to SOPs
Assign to – Important so we know who is tasked with this work
Followers – so they get notifications and alerts
Priority – helps us know if this is urgent
Deadline – helps us know expectations of when you think this should be done.
Status – for the team to update.

Check notifications on top right to see comments and questions

2) Slack – to “chat” but try to always connect back to the portal task so it is clear and actionable.

You might also wanna check our Better Using Our Google Drive guide.